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Service 1

1. What, Where, How Much?

Building program. At the start, the first priority is a list of features your project must include — types of rooms, their size, features and performance goals, along with important outdoor spaces and other elements you regard as essential. Do you have green architecture goals or ideas for net-zero construction?

Site. Can your building program comfortably fit the property you have identified? The opportunity to build is regulated by many agencies through a variety of standards: zoning, building codes, water management, accessibility and traffic and many others. If your target site is not and ideal fit, we can help assess the suitability of other properties you are considering for the program you have in mind.

Costs. All of this must be affordable within your financial target. An important initial study is reconciling program goals with financial constraints. Often we collaborate with contractors or builders to develop realistic cost projections.

Service 2

2. Fresh Design Concepts for the Ideal Project.

With the design parameters established, we will quickly begin developing design concepts that optimize the arrangement of rooms, the site plan and essential building features. These then lead to colorful design sketches and diagrams that give you an idea of how the structure works and the appearance and aesthetics of the design. We will consult with your builder or contractor for their input as well

After going over the options in detail, the design that performs best and meets your budget goals becomes the basis for construction and building permit drawings.

Service 3

3. Construction Drawings, Costs and Building Permits.

The design illustrations we present in the Concept stage become the basis for the construction drawings (which are also used for budgeting) that guide the contractor/builder’s work through construction. A subset of these drawings are provided to the building authorities to obtain a building permit and, later, a certificate of occupancy. They also are used by banks to underwrite construction loans. The work in this phase is intended to give the contractor/builder all of the information needed to accurately and successfully complete the structure.

Service 3

4. Construct and Occupy.

The contractor/builder takes over in this step, following the plans we prepared in earlier stages to create the actual house or structure you seek. We stay involved as the building process proceeds to monitor the progress of the work and to help resolve construction issues that invariably come up.

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